Turning data
into tomorrow.

Welcome to thaltegos. We believe in the power of data & AI. As a management consultancy, we enable our clients to utilize analytics, machine learning and predictive intelligence to drive innovation and strategic decision making, for a data-driven tomorrow – end 2 end.

Our clients value us as a trusted business partner for over a decade.

Turning data into tomorrow – thaltegos

Where bytes build bridges.

Seize your data for AI.

We help you to turn your challenges around and accompany you and your organization on your data journey.


“We have no mindset nor culture to truly test & learn based on data.”


“Our technology stack is way too complex and disconnected.”


“We are not able to operationalize our data strategy.”


“Our data quality is poor.”


“It’s critical for our business to have a profound data understanding.”


“We have a lot of reports, but only very little actual insights.”

Our Mission

We guide companies to become data & AI driven organizations and enable value creation along all business activities and processes.

Our Approach

Deeper insights for
higher impact.

Disruption and rapid change shape our world of today. They challenge the status quo and open up the sky for no limits. Through our intertwining approach of consulting and analytics, we offer a diverse set of products and services to successfully guide our clients through white water and support them on their respective data & AI transformation journey.


Strategy & Innovation

1. Develop framework and strategies for impact.


Analytics & Results

3. Deploy data science solutions for greater insights.


Transformation & Change

4. Establish a learning culture for ongoing optimization.


Data & Technology

2. Enable value creation with appropriate tech stack.

Our Offerings

Our Dna

business x [data + AI] = impact²

About Us

In data we trust.

Every business decision should be based on data and supported by AI.

thaltegos is a management consultancy focusing on data analytics & AI. In doing so, we combine strategic expertise and analytical methodology to create integrated solutions and innovative business models along the value chain.

We believe in mutual appreciation and see ourselves as partners on equal footing. Solving complex subject matters in constant white water brings out the best in us. Our solutions are pragmatic, innovative and smart and always designed to be progressive and scalable.

We cherish a culture, in which everyone can be the best version of themselves every day. We trust one another and learn from one another on a daily basis through working in interdisciplinary teams with an agile mindset. We live and love the power of diversity.

Strategic Analytics Capabilities

Thales of Miletus
Philosopher & the 1st western mathematician




Greek leaders in
charge of strategy

Data- & AI-driven Management Consulting

We are part of the Serviceplan Group.

thaltegos has evolved as a spin-off of the former management consultant subsidary of the BMW Group, Nexolab. Prior to founding thaltegos in 2011, Dr. Annette Klett-Steinbauer und Dr. Michael Wolff – together with a team of partners – successfully established the analytics division for one of the Big Four auditing companies.

Since 2021, thaltegos is part of the Plan.net Group, which belongs to the Serviceplan Group. This partner network includes all affiliated consultancies and agencies, through which we can assure state-of-the-art integrated solutions as well as seamless project-setups across all disciplines.


Unlock your data
driven future.

We believe in the transformative power of data, as it drives safe & sound decision-making, fuels innovation, and creates positive change. By joining our team, you’ll become an integral part of a community where data isn’t about numbers – it’s about impact. We value your contribution in making our world a little smarter, more sustainable and drive innovation.


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