We help you and your sales partners with lead generation. We can increase your conversion rate, customer loyalty, and sales efficiency using structured and optimized lead management.

Customers are enthused when they receive the right offer at the right time. Using our analyses we develop a prediction model so that you know which product on which terms and at which time will enthuse your customer.

Sales performance management

We increase your sales performance with system-based sales monitoring as well as with sales dashboards and reporting/performance measurement.

In the course of the KPI concept development we define all relevant control parameters necessary to create a dashboard: Traffic sources (e.g. organic search, SEO, SEA, referrals, social media, direct traffic), conversion funnel, revenue and cost control. All relevant BI data, as well as internal and external tracking data, serve as the basis for the KPI calculations. The result is a digital dashboard that automatically presents operative content and platform KPIs (digital performance), taking into consideration two-way interactions and their timing.

Pricing strategy

We boost your conversion rate and increase your margin with a target group-oriented pricing strategy.

Customers often differ significantly with regard to their willingness to pay and to their price sensitivity. The segment specific (partial) benefit analysis allows the derivation and prediction of willingness to pay and price sensitivities. This information can be used to define a focused target group-specific price strategy.

Lead funnel and lead performance management

We ensure more leads and a higher conversion rate using a target-oriented design of the lead funnel and management process, from lead qualification and generation to sales and after-sales.

The analysis of the sales process makes it possible to identify relevant approaches for increasing performance and campaign activities. This allows for the targeted optimization of sales processes and the connected CRM system.

Lead Qualification / Scoring (Customer acquisition)

We reduce costs for irrelevant contacts and at the same time increase your per-customer sales using focused lead qualification.

The profiling and segmentation of existing customers is used to identify relevant brand and product affinity characteristics. In this process we enhance existing data with external data in order to create definitive profiles. An intelligent scoring system makes it possible to calculate an individual purchase probability for every interested party so that customer care can be shaped appropriately.

Cross-selling and up-selling

We increase the value of your customer’s shopping cart to thereby also increase your customer contribution margin.

Based on various integrated data sources, analytic methods can be used to identify typical product combinations (“shopping carts”) per customer segment. The application of these insights on existing customer segments enables targeted cross- and upselling.

Customer-oriented configuration management

We increase customer satisfaction, shorten the selling cycle, reduce inventory, and increase the customer contribution margin using intelligent configuration management.

Typical product configuration samples for each market and/or customer segment can be identified using consolidated configuration information (such as product master data and order data). These customer-oriented configuration samples are integrated in production, marketing, and sales processes (for example configuration recommendations in the configurator, production planning, and campaign planning). A continuous monitoring of the configuration behavior in market and/or customer segments makes a lasting optimization of the configuration offers possible.

Mobility profiles / eMobility / Electrification potential

We develop new mobility concepts and support you in marketing your eMobility solution.

Using telematic data we create mobility profiles of your customers that can be used to optimize your mobility offer. With these profiles, key figures such as the individual electrification potential per vehicle and the resulting cost and CO2 reduction potential are calculated. Further possible analyses include charging infrastructure simulations the calculation of the total cost of mobility.

Total cost of mobility (TCM)

We provide comprehensive transparency regarding your mobility cost structure and create a basis for cost optimization.

Mobility expenses are not only an issue for companies in terms of fleet management, but even more so within the context of travel management and human resources. Until now, the management of this cost structure was based primarily on the total cost of ownership principle that takes into consideration all costs involving the fleet. With the TCM approach all mobility costs, including the TCO, are taken into consideration and optimized under defined criteria. The result is a transparent TCM as well as an optimized mobility management for a company.

Single Customer View

Using your internal and external data (CRM, behavior, transaction, and social media), we create a 360-degree view of your customers so that you are able to address them individually.

Based on an agile project approach, all available customer information gathered from all points of customer contact is consolidated so that a 360-degree view of each and every customer is created. This particular approach facilitates the sustainable editing and cleanup of the customer database without straining the existing IT infrastructure. The 360-degree customer view is the basis for consistently providing your customers with tailored context-based dialogues, content, and offers.

Market price monitor

We make you aware of your competitive position so that you can implement your specific plan of action.

When you are aware of your price positioning compared to your competitors, price and product strategies can be implemented. With the help of an online crawler, the price of previously defined competitor products is constantly monitored. Based on this information, your price positioning is evaluated and key factors influencing the pricing in this market are identified.

Predictive Sales

We identify customer needs and predict individual customer behavior to increase your customer loyalty.

In order to directly address your existing customers and ensure long-term customer loyalty, you require a prediction of future customer needs in the area of after-sales. This forecast is based on a statistic algorithm taking into consideration all relevant influencing factors. With the help of this evaluation, you can offer the right product at the right time.

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