We generate an integrated and comprehensive understanding of your customers in order to enable goal-oriented and relevant communication.

Based on an integrated and comprehensive understanding of your customer and his/her specific situation, expectations, and needs, we facilitate an optimal interaction between content, offers, channels of dialogue and communication, and mechanisms.

We lay the foundation for mutually beneficial communication by focusing on a 360-degree customer journey. We optimize your investments in communication and help you to reach your business goals using our data integration, intelligent analytical methods, strategic concepts, and a comprehensive understanding of communication. A transparent and optimized communication with your customers is the result.

Single Customer View

Using your internal and external data (CRM, behavior, transaction, and social media), we create a 360-degree view of your customers so that you are able to address your customers individually.

Thanks to our project approach you have all of the relevant information about your customers at your fingertips for every point of contact. This gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. Our innovative approach facilitates the sustainable editing and cleanup of your customer database without straining the existing IT infrastructure. The 360-degree customer view is the basis for consistently providing your customers with tailored context-based dialogues, content, and offers.

Customer profiling and creation of a data journey

Through permanent interaction as well as the structured acquisition and use of data, we provide an increasingly precise and always up-to-date view of your customer.

With the help of available internal and external customer information, we can create standards for future target group profiles (“most wanted posters”). By actively designing points of customer contact and interaction, these persona can be successively refined to create a standardized basis for future marketing and sales decisions.

Strategic customer value and segmentation

We make sure that you are concentrating on the right customers to achieve an optimal balance between effective customer contact and marketing efficiency.

Enriching a company’s customer database with micro-geographic information makes a segmentation based on product and brand affinity possible and thereby enables customer specific-scoring.
The resulting segment-specific customer contact leads to a lasting increase in efficiency regarding customer communication and sales activity.

Marketing efficiency and performance assessment

We quantify the return of your marketing activities, show you where there is potential for improvement, and increase your target achievement or marketing efficiency.

Consistently measuring the marketing efficiency is the basis for an optimized use of resources and budget in marketing. Within the project we first define the relevant parameters, actions, target figures, and test design. Our professional support during the evaluation of the defined marketing activities serves to collect and consolidate the data. Subsequently the ROI is analyzed and, based on the results, a course of action is recommended.

Geo-marketing and sales network optimization

We present you with your regional marketing and sales performance and identify geographic potential for growth.

We identify your regional sales potential using sales data and customer requirements. The next step involves mapping out socio-demographic customer profiles using regional data. Using the geographic potentials we can develop a plan of action to optimize the sales network. These insights can also be used to identify targeted marketing strategies for existing customers, as well as potential new customers. In the final step the gained information is used as the basis for the conception and recommended implementation of appropriate tools.

Data driven and predictive marketing

We identify customer needs and can therefore predict individual customer behavior so that you can increase customer loyalty.

You need a temporal prediction for upcoming needs in both sales and retail sectors in order to target customer contact and ensure the loyalty of existing customers. This is based on a statistical algorithm that takes into consideration all relevant influencing parameters. With the help of this estimate, you can offer your customers the right product at the right time.

Marketing Performance Management

We increase your marketing performance with system-based marketing monitoring as well as through marketing dashboards and marketing reporting/success measurement.

In the course of a KPI concept we define all relevant control parameters necessary to create a dashboard: search engine advertising, social media, website traffic, traffic sources, conversion funnel, revenue and cost control. All relevant BI data as well as internal and external tracking data serve as the basis for the KPI calculations. The result is a digital dashboard that automatically presents operative content and platform KPIs (digital performance) taking into consideration two-way interactions and their timing.

Next Best Offer / Next Best Action Marketing

We make sure that you can utilize NBO/NBA driven marketing strategies to automatically contact your customers at the right time with the right message, content and offer and through the right channel.

An integrated 360-degree view of your customers creates the basis for deriving customized customer communication. During the project, analytical methods are systematically used to identify situation- and context-based offers and subsequently play these out on an individual customer level. A technical approach makes it possible to automate the goal-oriented campaign playout.

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