We turn data into strategic value-added! Data mining, data science, data strategy as well as big data analytics and prediction analytics are the expertise of thaltegos. We use the acquired information to derive insights based on prediction models and recommendations for action in the areas of marketing, sales, after-sales, and service. By doing so we directly contribute to improving your performance!

Digital transformation within companies requires questioning your own elements of value-added in two respects:

  1. Development of a digital transformation strategy that evaluates how the digitization has changed, or newly defined, the previous value-added
  2. Development of a corresponding strategy for data value-added that defines on which data basis the digital transformation of the value-added can be accomplished

thaltegos focuses on the second of these aspects and offers a procedure model that is intended to act as a link between a company’s defined digital (transformation)-strategy and the operative realization thereof.

The 6 included modules put your company in the position to use the full potential of your data above and beyond your value-added. Additionally, this approach ensures a quick realization of the defined areas of action within the digital strategy. All of the modules can be implemented individually but, ideally, should build upon one another.

The outcome of modules 1 to 3 comprises the derivation of a data strategy, showing on which data basis the defined areas of action within the digital strategy can be realized.

The outcome of modules 4 and 5 is the realization of prototypical solutions to the realization of the defined use cases within the digital strategy.

The 6th module is intended to prepare and secure the operative solution for the use cases for which the digital intrinsic value was able to be confirmed within a proof of concept.