After-sales & Service

We create new after-sales business potential for you, improve your customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, increase customer loyalty, and lengthen the customer lifecycle.

After a purchase is before a purchase. A company’s customer service offers play a significant role in the next purchase decisions of its customers. The exact knowledge of your own service potential and the utilization and monitoring thereof are guarantors for successful customer axquisition and retention.

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Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance

We analyze the service intervals of your maintenance and wearing parts. The results of the analysis can be used to reduce guarantee and service costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Based on repair and service histories, we identify individual replacement intervals for each part, including information about the default probability and the expected point in time. This allows for a prognosis of the future need for specific machines/products/parts. This forecast provides the information necessary to create specific service schedules and a corresponding plan for service calls, as well as to plan service campaigns. Machine downtime can be significantly reduced by replacing parts subject to wearing and maintenance parts on time.

Business monitoring and control (including Dashboard)
Business monitoring and control (including Dashboard)

We optimize your service business using a targeted analysis of the relevant key figures and create a basis for actively increasing your after-sales business.

Based on the transparency of existing reports and KPIs (situational analysis), expert analyses and/or analytical correlations are used to carry out a targeted evaluation of the relevance of individual KPIs.
These findings lead to the conception of a targeted reporting process that is implemented with a system based dashboard.

Price strategy
Price strategy

We increase your margin through target group-oriented price setting in after sales.

Customers usually vary significantly with regard to their willingness to pay and their price sensitivity. The analysis of segment specific (partial) business value makes it possible to derive the willingness to pay and price sensitivities. This information is used to formulate an aimed target group-specific price strategy.

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